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Anonymous Call Rejection

With Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR - also known as Block the Blocker) you can refuse to receive calls that are blocked from showing on Caller ID displays.

Call Answer Voice Mail

Call Answer Voice Mail takes your telephone messages. Unlike an answering machine, it takes up no room and is unaffected by power outages. Multiple & announcement-only mailboxes are also available.

Call Forwarding

Transfer incoming calls to another telephone number.

Call Forward Busy

Transfers calls to Call Answering or another number when the line is busy.

Call Forward No Answer

Transfer unanswered calls to Call Answering or another number.

Call Trace *57

Call Trace is already on your line and traces the last call received. All information is channeled through the Police. A per-use charge applies.

Call Waiting

Don’t miss important calls because of busy signals. Call Waiting will let you know if another caller is trying to reach you.

Call Waiting Conference

A time-saving and effortless way to be on a telephone call and conference in an additional call.

Caller ID

Caller ID displays - after the first ring - the caller’s name and phone number if available and not blocked. A display unit or display phone is needed. Both are available for lease or purchase from Alteva.

Caller ID with Call Waiting

Caller ID with Call Waiting gives you Caller ID info on the “interrupting” call when Call Waiting beeps, not just on the first call. You must also subscribe to Call Waiting and have a Caller ID/Call Waiting compatible phone for this service to work.

Caller ID Blocking

Your name and number will be displayed to the party you are calling, even if your number is unlisted. Call blocking is available per call or on all calls.

Per Call Block

  • This free service is already on your phone.
  • To restrict display of your name and number on a per call basis, before making your call, dial *67.
  • Three short tones confirm that Per Call Block is activated.

All Call Block

(NY Customers Only)
  • This free service prevents name and number from appearing on all calls. “Private” or “Anonymous Call” will display to the called party.
  • To unblock All Call Block, dial *82. Your name and number will display for that call only.
(NJ Customers Only)
  • Available ONLY to non-published customers and certain specialized agencies, such as battered women’s shelters and rape crisis centers.
  • This free service prevents name and number from appearing on all calls. “Private” or “Anonymous Call” will display to the called party.
  • To unblock Per Line Block, dial *82. Your name and number will display on the called party’s display set for that call only.

Call Transfer

Allows calls to be transferred outside of your system

Distinctive Ring

Distinguish the kids’ calls from yours. Separate faxes from regular calls. Distinctive Ring is a second phone number that rings on your existing phone line. A double ring lets you know that the Distinctive Ring number is being called. With Call Waiting, the Distinctive Ring number has a double beep. With Call Forwarding, advise us if you’ll be Call Forwarding both numbers or just your main number. The forwarded-to number has a normal ring. Follow the usual procedure for Call Forward.

Dual Line Call Management

Now you can answer business calls at home without giving out your home number. Calls to your business number come in with a distinctive ringtone.

900 Blocking

Blocking calls from 700 and 900 numbers is available. There is no charge to initiate call blocking for the first time, and there are no monthly fees.

Repeat Call *66

Repeat Call is already on your line and eliminates wasted time dialing busy numbers. Instead of re-dialing, use Repeat Call.

Return Call *69

Return Call is already on your line and provides a verbal message indicating the last number that called, as well as date and time. A per-use charge applies.

Speed Calling 8

Speed Calling 8 saves time. Program eight phone numbers for convenient single-digit dialing.

Speed Calling 30

Program 30 phone numbers for convenient double-digit dialing.

Three-Way Calling

Save time by avoiding numerous callbacks. Have a three-way conversation and firm up plans all at once.

Toll Control

Prevent the completion of directly-dialed long distance calls by using a personal identification number. Long distance calls from the restricted phone without the PIN will be blocked.

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